We are a group of passionate locals who believe that Westernport will provide for our children if we care for it. Allowing large corporations to abuse and exploit our resources, denies residents a pleasant environment and ruins any chance for future sustainability.  Our current campaign is to stop AGL from installing their FSRU in Crib Point which brings few jobs but many risks.

Westernport has unique RAMSAR listed wetlands, seagrasses and mangroves which support fragile ecologies where rare wading birds and marine life breed.  If there is any compromise to said ecological systems, and this UNESCO designated biosphere, it will not only threaten all life in Westernport and beyond but also fishing, sailing, and other recreational activities including the local businesses that support them.

Westernport has far greater value as a natural refuge and recreational area for the rapidly increasing population of Victoria rather than an industrial wasteland.


The bay we love so much...
The bay we love so much...

Photo: Julie Balaam