Time to Deliver the Message to AGL

Time to Deliver the Message to AGL


We are getting ready to deliver our postcard petitions to the CEO of AGL Brett Redman, to show him that this community will not accept their dirty gas plant in Westernport Bay.

Mr Redman will be in Melbourne on June 12 and Save Westernport and Environment Victoria are planning a special delivery for him. Watch this space for details of the June 12 event.

If you have any postcards still to be returned, please mail them TODAY to the address on the back, or drop them off at Crib Point PO. 
We need to receive all postcards BEFORE the end of next week, June 6.

If you’d like to add your voice and sign one but haven’t had the chance yet,  please email us at savewesternport@gmail.com, or call 59830094. We can arrange to get some postcards to you, and collect any you already have.


AGL’s Alarming Track Record

In preparing the Environental Effects Statement into the AGL proposal to import and process the fossil fuel LNG at Crib Point in the protected wetlands of Westernport Bay, the Victorian Department of Environment, Land, Water and Planning (DELWP) can, and must consider the Environmental “Track Record” of AGL.

As well as being the proponents of this project, in contrast to the public image they are at pains to present, this corporation is the BIGGEST polluter and producer of carbon emmissions in Australia.

During community consultation sessions, representatives of AGL explained to local residents that when proposing major projects in the midst of established communities, big corporations like AGL require the “SOCIAL LICENSE” to operate amongst us.

”You have no reason to trust us” they explained, “we need to prove ourselves worthy of being your neighbours”, and in addition to simply taking their word for it, how else are we to discover whether they are worthy of the community’s trust other than to look at the environmental and industrial history of that corporation?

But little information about AGL and their past projects has been forthcoming, other than some shiny brochures produced by slick P.R. firms.The environmental and social impact reports that were issued have either been inadequate “desktop” assessments, or highly technical accounts that that are far-from-independent attempts to obfuscate and dismiss the public’s concerns about the proposed facility with such far reaching consequences.

In an effort to know more about our prospective new “neighbours”, members of Save Westernport have looked into the reputation of this company, and were alarmed to see that they have been charged with “deceptive and misleading conduct” on more than one occasion. We were not overly surprised to discover then that they had been doing what amounted to purchasing the consent and complicity of locals, and dividing the community with offers of cash to the local football team and other groups. These offers of cash have been confirmed by AGL. 

In the interest of transparency we have prepared the following list of concerning and repeated infractions and fines awarded against AGL in recent years. It should be noted that in September 2018, the State Essential Services Commission ordered AGL “to get their house in order or face the cancellation of their license to operate in Victoria” for repeatedly failing to provide basic information required of every company doing business in this state.

Apparently AGL does not think these regulations apply to them, and requested an extension to the deadline. As far as we know, they still had not complied in mid December when that time also expired. The ESC had not responded to our requests for further information at close of business on 24/12/18.

We ask that you review the following information, which is not based on opinion but is all on public record, and consider whether YOU would accept them as tenants in your property, or give them a job. Essentially that is what the AGL corporation is asking of us all, and much more. The implications of an environmental or safety accident at Crib Point are too disastrous to ignore, particularly when there are so many alternatives available to the proposal to import gas. Why don’t AGL do what they like to appear to be doing, and INVEST IN RENEWABLES?

Harry Shares His Concerns About AGL’s Project

Harry Shares His Concerns About AGL’s Project

Westernport’s agribusinesses, and the contribution they make to Victoria’s food production are under threat from AGL’s polluting gas import facility.  Local seafood producer Harry shares his concerns about the AGL proposal at Crib Point, and the threats currently facing Westernport from the gas processing plant.

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Westernport Residents Descend Upon AGL Annual General Meeting

Westernport Residents Descend Upon AGL Annual General Meeting

A bus full of Westernport residents were determined to make their opposition known to AGL’s gas import plans.  They travelled to Southbank on Wednesday, September 26th to join Environment Victoria and Friends of the Earth in protest outside the AGL Annual General Meeting at the Melbourne Recital Centre

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Jetty Works Advancing? But No Approvals? What Next?

Jetty Works Advancing? But No Approvals? What Next?

On August 30, activity at the jetty increased and a fence that limits public access to Shelly Beach went up to the north side of the jetty at Crib Point.   Communication from both AGL and the Port of Hastings have been extremely unclear.  Are these the designated perimeter and site buildings for remediation?  Or something else?  It is difficult to understand how remediation work on the Crib Point jetty could be underway when AGL and APA still have not made their application to Government for the proposed LNG import facility and pipeline to Pakenham.

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Works began yesterday 24/06/18 on the foreshore…

Works began yesterday 24/06/18 on the foreshore…

The Port of Hastings commenced ‘remediation works’ yesterday 24/06/18 on the foreshore adjacent to the Crib Point jetty in Westernport Victoria.  Apparently they have had the go-ahead for this from DELWP (Department of Environment, Land, Water and Planning).  

AGL is proposing to install a Permanent Floating Storage and Regasification Unit (FSRU) at the jetty for processing imported LNG.

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