Links to AGL EES Reports

Links to AGL EES Reports

The Environment Effects Statement EES reports are now available online

This includes  AGL’s Summary Report and a document called How to Navigate the EES

There’s an Executive Summary, three volumes of reports, and several attachments including Environmental Risk and Climate Change RiskAssessments and Maps. 
The EES also contains the following technical reports:

Technical Report A: Marine Biodiversity 
Technical Report C: Surface water
Technical Report D: Groundwater
Technical Report F: Greenhouse gas
Technical Report G: Air quality
Technical Report H: Noise and vibration
Technical Report I: Landscape and visual
Technical Report J: Transport
Technical Report K: Safety, hazard and risk
Technical Report L: Land use
Technical Report M: Social
Technical Report N: Business
Technical Report O: Agriculture
Technical Report P: Aboriginal cultural heritage
Technical Report Q: Historic heritage

You can also make a submission about the AGL Crib Point proposal using the online form on the EngageVic website here:

Here are some tips from Environment Victoria on How to Make a Submission against AGL

It’s not hard to make an independent submission. Read some of the reports that interest you, taking notes on whatever concerns you, ask lots of questions, and make sure your voice is heard.

It is horrifying that we have to fight our own Government to save the environment.
                                                         ~Ansell Adams

Westernport Shoreline Vigil

Westernport Shoreline Vigil

At sunset on Mid-winter’s Eve, Westernport locals took to their favourite beaches in uncounted numbers for a socially-distanced Shoreline Vigil to light a candle in a show of affection and support for Westernport and of opposition to AGL 

From Flinders through Shoreham, Point Leo, Merricks, Balnarring, Somers, Crib Point,  Hastings and around the Bay to French and Phillip Islands and beyond, we stood vigil to symbolise our determination to stand by Westernport.

As people become aware that AGL’s gas proposal would exacerbate the climate crisis and lock us in to decades more fossil fuel use, there’s a growing sense of anger that AGL is not listening to the community.

More and more people are prepared  to do whatever’s necessary to protect the Bay from the exploitation and degradation of new heavy industry, like AGL’s gas import proposal at Crib Point.

There’s a growing expectation on AGL to live up to their own policies that make admirable claims about their performance in sustainability and accountability, by withdrawing their Environment Effects Statement (EES), which is due to go on display in early July.

These qualities that matter to an informed public are also increasingly influencing international markets as they continue to divest en masse from last century’s energy technologies .

The Westernport community will be making the most of the opportunity for the public to comment once the EES goes on display, by expressing our fervent opposition to AGL’s ill advised plans. 

We believe AGL has an excellent opportunity to lead in the real energy transition as it gathers pace on every front, rather than continuing to promote the deeply concerning view that gas is a transition fuel and ‘a safer option than coal’.

We’ll let you know when the Environment Effects Statement goes on display in early July. AGL’s reports will all be available online.  Public comments will be open for just 40 days. Save Westernport and Environment Victoria encourage you to make a submission against the AGL gas import proposal in Westernport Bay during that time.

Submissions from the public don’t have to be technical. To make sure Minister Wynne’s hears your views, we’ll be providing assistance and support during the public comments stage.

You can read more about the EES in the Mornington Peninsula News, and sign up here to receive our regular Newsletter updates.


Secretary Save Westernport Inc

AGL’s EES due for release.

AGL’s EES due for release.

It’s been a year since we delivered over 17,000 signatures to Brett Redman’s stunt double (after the AGL CEO reneged on his agreement to meet with us), and AGL’s plans to import gas seem more absurd now than they did then. Some of the gas AGL plans to import may have originated here in Victoria, before being sold offshore .

Yet AGL has submitted these plans to the Planning Minister for assessment in an Environment Effects Statement that has taken nearly 2 years to prepare. The EES reports are expected to be released for public comment, even as demand for gas plummets and better options abound.

AGL’s competitors at VIVA Energy announced a similar project last week that would require no new gas pipeline. It would be preferable if no new gas infrastructure is built, but there’s no doubt the Geelong site would be far more suitable than AGL’s Westernport plans. Within range of the  hazard facilities that LNG operations require, Geelong would be far safer than AGL’s proposed Crib Point location, near residential communities, and primary schools. 

AGL’s project could spell disaster for local communities, for Westernport’s internationally recognised Ramsar wetlands, and for our climate. A few dozen jobs, that AGL admits would not employ locals, but would require trained operators from other LNG projects, could never offset the loss of amenity, and precious peace and quiet that this project would cause.

As part of the EES assessment, Minister Wynne must consider whether the proponent has demonstrated an ability to manage risks and operate according to the law. AGL’s past record of fines and convictions does nothing to instil confidence. 

Local communities in Westernport have told AGL in every way possible; they will not accept living alongside the risk of catastrophic failure, knowing AGL’s past performance of environmental mismanagement, industrial accidents and toxic spills.

Members of Save Westernport have complied a growing list of AGL’s infractions that leave us in no doubt; we do not want them as our neighbour for the next 20 years!

To help us make a compelling submission when the EES is released, Save Westernport and Environment Victoria have started planning our response. We’re seeking people who would like to
A) join our working groups,      or
B) appear as expert witnesses in the EES Hearings later this year. 

There are numerous areas of concern: migratory birds, water/ air/ noise/ light pollution, marine mammals, endangered species, health and psychological effects, climate change, aboriginal cultural heritage, Ramsar, impacts on tourism, economic disadvantage, pipelines, hydrology, tidal flows, shipping, gas markets and more.
You can contact us here for more information.

Save Westernport and Environment Victoria will be encouraging community groups and individuals  to make submissions against AGL’s dirty gas plans once the EES goes on display. 

Few people would be more profoundly affected than members of this community, so it’ll be essential for Mr Wynne to hear our views on why this choice of location is so unsound. 

A project can be rejected if its potential effects on the community and/or the environment are considered too great. Based on the information AGL has made available about their gas import proposal, (see reports below) we are in no doubt that it would do nothing but disadvantage our community, degrade the environment and provide profits for the proponent AGL.

AGL has never attempted to prove their claim that gas is urgently needed to supply Victorian families and businesses. Importing cheap gas would benefit AGL, but at what cost to the local environment and the wider climate crisis? 

You can sign up here for our regular Newsletter Updates or contact us with questions about the EES. Some of our members with experience in environmental law and the EES process agree that the more submissions the Minister receives from the public, the better. 

Once AGL’s EES reports are released we’ll have just 40 days to comment, and many chapters to read. We’ve been reviewing the reports that AGL prepared that led Minister Wynne to call for an EES   in 2018. 

It’s likely much of this information will still apply. 

AGL’s Cumulative Impacts Assessment on the Crib Point project

AGL’s  Online Discussion Forum

Save Westernport on Facebook

Minister’s announcement in WesternPort News

Sign The Pledge – Put AGL On Notice!

Sign The Pledge – Put AGL On Notice!

Click Here to Sign this Pledge and say NO to AGL’s dirty Gas Plan NOW

AGL is still making plans to build a gas import terminal in beautiful Westernport Bay. AGL has admitted that by processing LNG and building their outdated gas pipeline, they would routinely destroy Westernport’s precious wetlands and wildlife.

AGL’s imported gas would produce 30% more carbon than local gas. 

It’s a classic case of profit over people and planet.

That’s why this community says NO!
Save Westernport and Environment Victoria are working with local groups to make sure our voice of opposition is heard.
Take Action, SIGN NOW
We deserve the sustainable energy forms and fair prices that Government and industry have been promising for decades now!

Support the fight to protect Westernport Bay from AGL’s corporate exploitation and unnecessary industry. Now is the time to ramp up pressure and hold AGL accountable for the damage their plans will cause to these precious ecosystems.

As an AGL customer or potential customer, AGL cares about what you say and do. IF YOU DON’T SUPPORT THEIR PLANS, THEN DON’T SUPPORT AGL!
You can use your voice to hit them where it hurts by signing the Pledge NOW 

Send a message to AGL to register your concern as a customer or potential customer; if they want your business, they need to dump their dirty gas project.

On behalf of nine groups including Save Westernport, Phillip Island Conservation Society (PICS), Westernport and Peninsula Protection Council (WPPC), Friends of French Island (FOFI) and Environment Victoria, this open letter was delivered to AGL board members and shareholders at the 2019 AGL annual general meeting.

The joint letter stated that community opposition to this project continues to grow, and demands AGL to DUMP their dirty gas plan.

Now we need to keep the pressure up, and as a customer or potential customer, you can influence what AGL does.

Let’s seize this moment and let AGL know it’s not just shareholders and the local community around Westernport Bay who want AGL to do better on climate – customers and potential customers across Victoria do too.

You can help protect our climate and our precious marine sanctuary by permanently boycotting AGL if they go ahead with this dirty plan.

Put AGL on notice by signing this pledge NOW 

We can make this action even more powerful if we get more people on board. Can you help by sharing this message with five or more  friends? Please follow this link and share it.

Are you  a Member of Save Westernport yet?  Join NOW by filling in the form at the end of the Take Action page here.

Thank You

Urgent Please Make a Submission to EPA today

Urgent Please Make a Submission to EPA today

URGENT: We know AGL has asked the EPA to weaken Victoria’s waste water restrictions to allow them to dump cold chlorinared water from their heat exchange straight into the Bay. If this change is allowed, it would make it easier for their gas processing plant to gain approval, even though the cumulative impacts on Westernport‘s marine ecology are unknown and could be devastating.

Please make a comment to EPA, even if it’s past the deadline on Oct 31,  or let them know you intend to comment at 

Your submission does not have to be technical, it takes just 5 minutes. Please tell them
– no new emissions must be allowed into wetlands and waterways.

– Corporations cannot be permitted to regulate their own waste in water or air.

– the EPA MUST NOT lift restrictions and weaken the few environmental protection laws we have in Victoria.

It could make polluting legal for corporations like AGL. 

If these laws are changed, it could allow AGL to dump 450 million litres of cold chlorinated water into Westernport every day it operates. AGL has said “we expect it would cause no harm to Westernport’s marine environment”,  but we know in the past they have cut corners, polluting and degrading the environment and increasing their profits.

Please tell the EPA that the job of the ENVIRONMENTAL PROTECTION AUTHORITY must be to protect the Environment from corporations like AGL. They must not WEAKEN the Environmental Protection Laws already in place. We know that corporations who profit from environmentally harmful projects cannot be trusted to effectively regulate themselves.

AGL’s appalling environmental track record has been widely reported in national media. You can read the growing list of AGL’s accidents, spills and past convictions for DECEPTIVE AND MISLEADING CONDUCT  here.

Remember, if you need more time, please email EPA to let them know you intend to comment at:

Fill in the form here to make a comment

Thank you from Save Westernport.

More Info from Environment Victoria:

Right now the Andrews government is considering new rules that could weaken the EPA’s powers to stop companies like AGL from dumping polluted water into our precious wetlands. These new rules also fail to set clear guidelines for the EPA to fulfill their duty to cut climate pollution.

Will you make a submission to their public consultation to say this is not OK? Act now: the public consultation closes tomorrow! 

Make a submission here

On July 1 2020 Victoria’s new Environment Protection Act will come into effect. 

This will help shape Victoria’s environmental future. Strong environmental laws are vital to protect our precious ecosystems and cut climate pollution in Victoria.

Sadly, the proposed regulations that go with the new Act miss the mark on the climate crisis and protecting nature.

Earlier this year we exposed AGL’s efforts to weaken Victoria’s environmental legislation which would prevent them from building a gas import terminal in Westernport Bay’s Ramsar wetlands.

Now the EPA is proposing to weaken these regulations. For the first time in 30 years, companies like AGL could get the greenlight to discharge polluted water into our precious Victorian aquatic environments like internationally recognised Ramsar Wetlands.

And in the midst of a climate crisis that has seen hundreds of thousands of Australians marching for climate action, the proposed regulations fail to create clear guidelines for the Environment Protection Authority to deal with climate polluters. 

Despite already having the powers to deal with climate pollution, so far the EPA has chosen to do nothing, claiming existing regulations don’t provide clear guidelines. Now the EPA is about to pass up an opportunity to solve this “issue”, choosing to maintain the status quo. This is not good enough.

Have your say, help us raise the level of environmental protection in Victoria 

Make a submission: 

Writing a submission can take less than 5 minutes. Here are the two most pressing issues the EPA need to hear about:

The proposed regulations do not make it possible for the EPA to manage and regulate greenhouse gases. In the midst of a climate crisis, we need clear rules that empower (or even better, require) the EPA to engage with climate polluters to limit their pollution.

New legislation should raise environmental standards, especially for the most sensitive environments like Westernport. 

It is crucial to keep the protections of clause 22(3) of the current State Environment Protection Policy (Waters) that forbids the EPA from approving new wastewater discharges in areas of high conservation value.

Write a submission to the EPA today and tell them to step up their game.

Have your say: 

The new legislation is likely to shape Victoria’s environmental future for decades. We have until this Thursday October 31 to push for better environmental regulations that put our climate and our precious habitats first.

We need to seize this moment and let them know that Victorians care deeply about our climate, our unique ecosystems, and the generations to come. 

Thank you 
Save Westernport and Environment Victoria 


Community Fossil Fuels Forum, Sunday Oct 27 2019

Community Fossil Fuels Forum, Sunday Oct 27 2019

Next Sunday Oct 27 Save Westernport and WPPC  (Westernport Peninsula Protection Council) will collaborate with Friends of the Earth and Energy Justice Victoria — formerly the Quit Coal Collective to host a Community Forum in Westernport.

Friends of the Earth Melbourne is a not-for profit organisation working for a socially equitable and environmentally sustainable future. The international Friends of the Earth network is active in 
77 countries worldwide.

The Westernport Forum is planned as part of Energy Justice’s Fossil Fuels Frontline listening tour of Victorian communities that are facing the threat of a prolonged dependence on outdated carbon-intensive energy projects.

We recently welcomed our local Shire Council’s decision to enact urgent Climate Emergency measures on the Mornington Peninsula. The announcement represents an important step and reflects the need for urgent action to guarantee the region’s just and rapid transition to a sustainable energy future.

Sunday’s Forum will feature local speakers and discussions about the current issues confronting the Westernport community. It’s hoped this will be a starting point for the challenging conversations that need to take place about the inevitable transition from fossil fuels.

Join us at the Balnarring Hall next Sunday at 2pm for this family-friendly event after the Somers Art Fair nearby.                                  

Kids activities and afternoon tea will be provided.

Sign the Pledge- Put AGL on Notice

Sign the Pledge- Put AGL on Notice


Sign this Pledge to say NO to AGL’s dirty Gas Plan

AGL is still making plans to build a polluting and unnecessary gas import terminal in beautiful Westernport Bay, potentially destroying precious wetlands and wildlife in the process.

It’s a classic case of profit over people and planet.

Working with groups like Environment Victoria and Phillip Island Conservation Council (PICS), we’ve managed to delay their project twice, but AGL still refuses to dump their dirty gas plan.

The next year will be key in the fight for Westernport Bay. We need to ramp up pressure and hold AGL accountable for the damage their plans will cause to this precious ecosystem.

As a customer or potential customer, AGL cares about what you say. Take Action NOW and use your voice to hit them where it hurts!

Take Action NOW
Send a message to AGL to register your concern as a customer or potential customer. If they want your business, they have to dump their dirty gas project.

Last week we took the fight to the AGL board at their AGM in Sydney.

On behalf of nine groups including Save Westernport, PICS, Westernport and Peninsula Protection Society (WPPC), and Environment Victoria, an open letter was delivered to AGL board members and shareholders.

The joint letter stated that community opposition to this project continues to grow, and will not go away until AGL bin their dirty gas plan.

But now we need to keep the pressure up, and as a customer or potential customer, you can influence what AGL does.

We need to seize this moment and let them know that it’s not just shareholders and the local community around Westernport Bay who want AGL to do better on climate – customers and potential customers across Victoria do too.

You can help protect our climate and our precious marine sanctuary by permanently blacklisting AGL if they go ahead with this dirty plan.

Take Action NOW

AGL is already feeling the pressure with more than 30 percent of shareholders calling for AGL to close all its coal-burning power stations by 2030 and set climate targets consistent with limiting global warming to two degrees. We are putting the AGL corporation on notice: if they want your business, they have to dump their dirty gas project.
Put AGL on notice by signing this pledge 

We can make this action even more powerful if we get more people on board. Can you help by sharing this message with five (or more) friends? Please follow this link and share it.

You can also become a Member of Save Westernport by filling in the form at the end of the Take Action page here.

Save Westernport joined the SS4C in Melbourne this week

Save Westernport joined the SS4C in Melbourne this week

Save Westernport joined over one hundred thousand people in Melbourne on Friday September 20 to rally behind the call for governments to rule out new fossil fuel projects, commit to 100 percent renewables, and ensure a fair and just transition.  

We were thrilled to see so many people representing beautiful Westernport Bay. To all our members and supporters who joined the enormous show of support for the students in their call for climate justice, we say Thank You!

Save Westernport has always opposed AGL’s gas import proposal because it would threaten Westernport’s wildlife, degrading fragile ecosystems and prolonging our outdated dependence on fossil fuels.

With a 56km gas pipeline proposed through protected wilderness areas, the AGL plan is Victoria’s Adani, and Save Westernport is determined to get the word out about this enormous threat.

AGL has estimated that gas imported and processed at their floating storage and regasifiaction unit (FSRU) would be 20% more carbon intensive than locally produced gas. 

Australian energy analyst Bruce Robertson stated in The AGE recently that the AGL project is unjustifiable both on economic and environmental grounds.

It is extremely expensive and energy intensive to liquefy gas, and if you have one environmental bone in your body it’s an abomination. The process of liquefying natural gas emits significantly more greenhouse gases than piping it conventionally.”

Mr Robertson also argued it made no economic sense for Australia to import gas, given it exports almost twice as much natural gas as it consumes domestically.

Importing gas is possibly the most wasteful thing you could do in terms of energy – it’s just pure wasted energy on a massive scale,” Mr Robertson said.

Premier Andrews has repeated Mr Robertson’s claims that Victoria produces twice as much gas as we use. Yet AGL says they need to import gas because we’re running low. With Australians paying the highest gas prices in the world, no wonder AGL reported recorded profits last year of over $1.6 billion. 

Save Westernport’s supporters know we cannot continue to allow our precious remaining wilderness areas to be exploited for corporate gain, and we don’t need an Environmental Effects Statement to tell us that this project is unacceptable. When the EES is completed next year, the Victorian government and AGL will decide on the future of Westernport Bay.

You can email Premier Andrews to demand decisive action on Climate NOW, by putting AGL’s gas plans for Westernport in the Bin where they belong.


Save Westernport Congratulates Mornington Peninsula Shire Council

Save Westernport Congratulates Mornington Peninsula Shire Council


Members of Save Westernport were encouraged by the strong leadership shown by our local Mornington Peninsula Shire Council recently when it followed the lead of Melbourne City Council and other Councils world-wide and voted to implement urgent Climate Emergency measures.

The specter of vast areas of the world’s forests ablaze, and enormous amounts of safely stored carbon being suddenly released into Earth’s atmosphere seems to have made us acutely aware of the decisive action that is so desperately overdue.

Save Westernport welcomes the announcement, and we look forward to seeing Council translate good intentions into meaningful changes in the everyday actions of the Shire and its residents. We want to see real change that will make a difference. 

It’s clear that the Shire’s goals are entirely incompatible with any new investment in fossil-fuels, yet AGL is still trying to force its inappropriate industrial proposal on to this community. AGL’s plan to import and process LNG in Westernport Bay is hopelessly out-of-date. The plan requires construction of a 56km gas pipeline that would quickly become another rusting example of poorly planned abandoned industry in the area. This is the last thing that Westernport needs right now that the bay is showing good signs of regeneration since the local oil industry was phased out in the 1980s.

AGL admits that shipping gas from overseas and processing it at the proposed Crib Point factory would produce at least 20% more carbon and methane pollution than regular gas, which is a fossil fuel already dangerously high in greenhouse gases.

In order to align with the aims of the Shire, future industrial proposals will need to be founded on energy from the renewable energy resources that are now available. 

It’s been a whole year since Mornington Peninsula Shire Council stated its opposition to the AGL gas proposal and 56km pipeline, yet this inappropriate and deeply unpopular fossil-fuels project is still being forced upon the Westernport community.

There can be no doubt that by its actions AGL is causing irreversible damage to its reputation and brand. It’s widely acknowledged that AGL has failed to show that its plan to import gas is even necessary. They have also failed to achieve the social license needed to operate in this community.

AGL CEO Brett Redman has claimed that social license is among his top strategic goals for the year, yet AGL continues to disregard the widely expressed local opposition by stubbornly pushing ahead with the project.

AGL claims to take its environmental responsibility very seriously. Save Westernport would like to see AGL take advantage of its unique opportunity and demonstrate real corporate integrity by withdrawing from the Crib Point project. We will continue to urge the AGL Board to cooperate with this community and heed its wishes by putting their Crib Point plans in the bin.

Next Friday September 20, Save Westernport will participate in the Schools Strike for Climate in Melbourne. For the first time, school kids  have invited adults to join the Strike and support their demands for a better world and immediate action against Climate Change. We invite you to march with Save Westernport. Look out for our SAVE WESTERNPORT – No AGL -banner at 2pm next Friday in the Treasury Gardens.

You can also visit our stall at Balnarring’s Sustainability Fair on Saturday October 12 from 4pm. Come and say hello and pick up our new brochure and some of our new stickers for your wheelie bins. The stickers tell AGL to put their plans for their Crib Point gas factory In The Bin! where they belong.

Remember—You can now hit the TAKE ACTION button on our Home Page and scroll down to Become a Member of Save Westernport for the value price of $10.
Fill in our Online Form or download it, and you’ll receive our regular Save Westernport Newsletter that details our activities and what’s going on locally around Westernport and the Peninsula. 
You can also very simply make an online donation.

One more thing— you may receive our regular Save Westernport Newsletters and email updates, but that does not necessarily mean you’re a Member of Save Westernport. Perhaps you signed our petition or filled out a card, or you might’ve given your contact details to go on our mailing list once, but this is different—To become a Member you’ll need to fill out our Membership Form.

Becoming a Member of Save Westernport is a great way for you to make a difference. By taking action you can show your support and help our important work furthering the protection and appreciation of our precious, unique wetland location in beautiful Westernport Bay.

Right now, more than ever we need to keep up the pressure on AGL and the government, and make sure they know that this community rejects inappropriate industry in the Bay, PARTICULARLY the AGL gas import plans at Crib Point. 

Save Westernport is a dedicated group of local volunteers, and your support keeps us going! Make an online donation

Or if you’d like to get involved and become a Volunteer we’d love to meet you!

With summer coming up, there will be lots going on, and you can get involved. From helping with market stalls to providing transport, there’s always lots to do. And if you’re a photographer of local landscapes or wildlife, we want to hear from you.

We appreciate your support to Save Westernport!

Mornington Peninsula Shire Concerned About AGL’s Plans

Have Your Say about the Character of our Coastal Villages

Have Your Say about the Character of our Coastal Villages

The Mornington Peninsula Shire is asking residents and people who care about the future of the Westernport area to participate in an online survey that will assist them to improve and protect the unique characteristics of the Mornington Peninsula.

The Shire says: “The draft Western Port Coastal Villages Strategy seeks to manage development on public and private land to retain and enhance township character and address climate change impacts relating to sea level rise. The draft Neighbourhood Character Study seeks to identify and protect the unique and valued characteristics of residential areas across the Peninsula.”

If you’re interested you can complete the survey here by Sunday July 7 2019

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