SaveWesternport Special Edition Part 1

This is the first of a three part podcast series detailing both the latest information about the “Stop AGL” campaign as well as special segments about the value of Westernport Bay and some history about the Save Westernport Group itself.

Activism, not Vandalism

Activism, not Vandalism

A Crib Point resident passed on disturbing news yesterday.  On Saturday evening, September 22nd, one or more vandals broke through the gates at the Crib Point jetty.  Not only did they do damage to property, but they appeared to have put the “No AGL” message on outbuildings, fences and equipment.

We want to make it clear where we stand: We condemn any such acts of vandalism or violence.

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Environment Victoria’s CEO Slams AGL’s “Dirty Project”

Environment Victoria’s CEO Slams AGL’s “Dirty Project”

Watch as Environment Victoria’s CEO, Mark Wakeham, speaks out against the destructive impact of AGL’s planned FSRU project at Crib Point. He talks about the obvious negative impact of the project, as well as the lack of economic justification for such a project.

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Stop AGL Petition

Stop AGL Petition

Act NOW to stop AGL from installing a floating gas terminal in Westernport. 

Please sign our petition urging the Minister for Planning, Richard Wynne to deny AGL’s application or at the very least, require them to undergo a full environmental effects statement.

You can read the petition text below the signature area.  There is also a custom message to the minister that will be sent automatically when you sign, and you can customise what it says to make it more of a personal message.  

Please make sure you check your email after signing the petition to confirm your address. This adds extra credibility to our petition by allowing us to tell people that those who signed were “real” and not made-up email addresses.   Thank you so much!

Stop AGL

Dear Mr. Wynne

**your signature**

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Petition Text

AGL is currently applying to the Victorian Department of Planning to install a floating gas import terminal at Crib Point, Westernport Bay with connecting 60km pipeline to Pakenham.

The proposal is senseless on every level:

  1. AGL will be importing gas while globally Australia and Qatar are the world’s biggest gas exporters. Australia will be at the mercy of international LNG prices.
  2. The 300m gas factory (floating storage and regasification unit – FSRU) will be permanently moored in a critical wetland ecosystem and UNESCO designated biosphere reserve
  3. There are many environmental concerns about the regasification process (e.g. sucking up 450 million litres of organism rich seawater per day and spewing it out “dead”, chlorinated and 7°C colder)
  4. The 60km pipeline will cut a 30m swathe through reserves of native vegetation and listed wetland areas as well as farms and productive agricultural land.

AGL’s initial justification for this profit-making scheme was to ensure gas security and to put “downward pressure on prices”. Now they acknowledge that they cannot assure the latter due to intense demand for gas worldwide and we are not facing a gas shortage as previously thought.

As if that wasn’t enough, the gas is not for Victorians: “AGL is relying on the potential for the project to secure long-term economic supplies of gas to new gas power station projects in South Australia and NSW.” Jay Gleeson, AGL Community Relations Manager, 08 August 2018.