Community Fossil Fuels Forum, Sunday Oct 27 2019

Next Sunday Oct 27 Save Westernport and WPPC  (Westernport Peninsula Protection Council) will collaborate with Friends of the Earth and Energy Justice Victoria — formerly the Quit Coal Collective to host a Community Forum in Westernport.

Friends of the Earth Melbourne is a not-for profit organisation working for a socially equitable and environmentally sustainable future. The international Friends of the Earth network is active in 
77 countries worldwide.

The Westernport Forum is planned as part of Energy Justice’s Fossil Fuels Frontline listening tour of Victorian communities that are facing the threat of a prolonged dependence on outdated carbon-intensive energy projects.

We recently welcomed our local Shire Council’s decision to enact urgent Climate Emergency measures on the Mornington Peninsula. The announcement represents an important step and reflects the need for urgent action to guarantee the region’s just and rapid transition to a sustainable energy future.

Sunday’s Forum will feature local speakers and discussions about the current issues confronting the Westernport community. It’s hoped this will be a starting point for the challenging conversations that need to take place about the inevitable transition from fossil fuels.

Join us at the Balnarring Hall next Sunday at 2pm for this family-friendly event after the Somers Art Fair nearby.                                    Kids activies and afternoon tea will be provided.


















































































































with over 2 million members.

The Community Forum is part of Energy Justice’s  Frontline on Fossil Fuels  listening tour of Victorian communities that are currently facing the threat of being forced into a prolonged reliance on outdated carbon intensive energy.

Our local Council’s recent vote to introduce Climate Emergency measures is a welcome step that will call for urgent action and a just and rapid transition from fossil fuels.

We invite you to join us at Balnarring Hall at 2pm on Sunday (after the nearby Somers Art Fair) to discuss the issues confronting this community. Join the conversation about local solutions and discuss the inevitable transformation and exciting opportunities for innovative alternatives that will define our sustainable energy future.

The afternoon will be a Family Friendly Event with kids activies and afternoon tea,