We need photos for our website, Facebook, and other promotional purposes to support our cause.

Here are some of the subjects we particularly like to see:

  • Photos which highlight the special natural environment or wildlife of Westernport Bay.
  • Photos of our members activities.
  • Photos which are newsworthy, such as photos of activity, damage, or recent events which occur around the bay which may be of interest to our supporters and followers.

However, it is very important that we have enough information to give you proper credit, and that we have your assurance that the photo is yours.   It is also important to know when the photo was taken, and what we are looking at (for example, if it is a gathering of people, why are they gathering?)  Many things that may be obvious to you, the photographer, may not be obvious to us!  Especially if we need the photo later and don’t remember when or where it was taken.

Unless you restrict us below, we may crop or edit the photo slightly for editorial purposes on our pages or Instagram.  Our intention will never be to alter your intent and to preserve your composition when possible. 

Please submit one photo at a time.  Thank you very much.