Sign The Pledge – Put AGL On Notice!

Sign this Pledge to say NO to AGL’s dirty Gas Plan

AGL is still making plans to build a gas import terminal in beautiful Westernport Bay, potentially destroying precious wetlands and wildlife in the process.

It’s a classic case of profit over people and planet.

Working with groups like Environment Victoria and Phillip Island Conservation Council (PICS), our community has voiced their opposition but AGL still refuses to dump their dirty gas plan.

The year 2020 will be key in the fight for Westernport Bay. We need to ramp up pressure and hold AGL accountable for the damage their plans will cause to this precious ecosystem.

As a customer or potential customer, AGL cares about what you say. Take Action NOW and use your voice to hit them where it hurts!

Take Action NOW

Send a message to AGL to register your concern as a customer or potential customer. If they want your business, they have to dump their dirty gas project.

On behalf of nine groups including Save Westernport, PICS, Westernport and Peninsula Protection Council (WPPC), and Environment Victoria, an open letter was delivered to AGL board members and shareholders at the 2019 AGL annual general meeting.

The joint letter stated that community opposition to this project continues to grow, and will not go away until AGL bin their dirty gas plan.

But now we need to keep the pressure up, and as a customer or potential customer, you can influence what AGL does.

We need to seize this moment and let them know that it’s not just shareholders and the local community around Westernport Bay who want AGL to do better on climate – customers and potential customers across Victoria do too.

You can help protect our climate and our precious marine sanctuary by permanently boycotting AGL if they go ahead with this dirty plan.

Put AGL on notice by signing this pledge 

We can make this action even more powerful if we get more people on board. Can you help by sharing this message with five (or more) friends? Please follow this link and share it.

You can also become a Member of Save Westernport by filling in the form at the end of the Take Action page here.