Terminology and Usage

When people write our articles, or when media writes about us, it’s important to us that people use the right terminology, and that we use it consistently.

When Writing About SaveWesternport

When referring to the group or group activities:

  • “The SaveWesternport organisation has been working on this for 2 years.”
  • “We were at a SaveWesternport meeting and are publishing the minutes.”
  • “One of the SaveWesternport get-togethers seems to be the place you’d want to find your answers.”

When referring to the website:

  • Put it on savewesternport.org (“save western port dot org”)
  • In hashtags, capitalisation is not necessary, but if you do, capitalise the S and W: #SaveWesternport

When discussing anything regarding the actual body of water and it’s surrounds:

  • “We’re interested in the ecology of the Westernport Bay area.”
  • When making short references in text: “The bay has been the subject of much research.”

In our communications and articles, avoid:

  • Using “Westernport” by itself without “bay”.
  • Using “Western Port Bay” with a space, unless in a quotation.

Other References and Terms

  • When referring to Ramsar, it should be in sentence case.  It is the name of a town in Iran, not an acronym.  So, never write it in all caps (don’t say RAMSAR for example).
  • The area is located in UNESCO designated “Mornington Peninsula and Western Port Biosphere Reserve” – which is a mouthful.  So if you are not using the full name we suggest “Biosphere Reserve” in sentence case (not just “biosphere”) as this does not convey the area as being special.