Save Westernport welcomed the announcement by AGL on Friday June 28 2019 that the timeline for their Crib Point proposal has blown out. The unavoidable delays have been caused by the rigorous requirements of the Environment Effects Statement ordered by the Andrews government in September 2018.

AGL’s media release announcing the delay said that they have been “working closely with Save Westernport” and have listened to our concerns. If that was true, rather than their delay, AGL would be announcing the cancellation of their irresponsible and ill-advised plans at Crib Point.

Members of Save Westernport have posted on AGL’s Crib Point Community forum to make it known that we do not work with AGL, except to express our vehement opposition to their inappropriate plans to import LNG in through the protected waters of Westernport Bay.
Save Westernport will continue to make sure AGL knows that they do not have the support of the local community. We will continue to express our opposition to the Crib Point Proposal at every opportunity until the project is withdrawn. 

The AGE, the Financial Review and the Herald Sun all had significant coverage about the delays being faced by AGL.

In The AGE, Bruce Robertson, an investment analyst with the Institute for Energy Economics and Financial Analysis, argued the project was unjustifiable both on economic and environmental grounds.
It is extremely expensive and energy intensive to liquefy gas, and if you have one environmental bone in your body it’s an abomination,” Mr Robertson said. The process of liquefying natural gas emits significantly more greenhouse gases than piping it conventionally. Mr Robertson also argued it made no economic sense for Australia to import gas, given it exports almost twice as much natural gas as it consumes domestically. “Importing gas is possibly the most wasteful thing you could do in terms of energy – it’s just pure wasted energy on a massive scale,” Mr Robertson said.
The AGE June 28 2019