Thanks to your support Save Westernport has kept up the fight for the future of Bay.

Here are just some of the things we’ve achieved

  • We’ve helped design a strategic framework for the permanent protection and sustainable use of Westernport Bay. You can use the following link to learn more and get involved. https://www.actforwesternportbay.au/
  • We work closely with other organisations to champion the local environment
  • We’ve held rallies, hosted public meetings and listening tours
  • We’ve made presentations to government ministers, corporate CEOs, local councils, schools and clubs
  • We’ve arranged legal representation and expert witnesses at environmental
  • We’ve made submissions to parliamentary committees and governmental
    reviews, and encouraged others to do the same
  • We’ve commented on the strengthening of environmental protection laws and
    the redrafting of coastal protection policy
  • We’ve written articles and placed ads in papers
  • We’ve filled halls and hosted speakers to let people know what’s going on
  • We’ve lobbied politicians and consulted with members of parliament
  • We’ve listened to community members and held information campaigns and
  • We have representatives on local community groups and the coastal advisory
  • We produce regular Newsletters and keep in touch with our community on
    social media and at events on our beautiful beaches.

We’re always planning to do even more, and we’d love to hear from you!

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Every day, and on every tide, the bay is saying ‘thank you’.


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