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March 7th 2021

#GetOnBoard #wetsuitsforwesternport

Join a peaceful protest of AGL’s proposal

Paddle-out has become Paddle-In!

It’s been a wild ride trying to organize an actual paddle out. Started out with plans for 5000+ then we had to shift to multiple micro paddle outs across multiple beaches at the same time.

And now….well, let’s just say you’ll be ‘paddling in’ to paddle out.

Follow us over at the new paddle out HQ @surfridermornpen for announcements!

We will also keep you updated on this page if you’re not much of a social media fan.

#wetsuitsforwesternport #morningtonpeninsula #paddleout #noagl #savewesternport please #environmentvictoria #surfriderfoundation #mornpenshire

For more information:

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/peninsulasbiggestpaddleout


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