The Save Westernport Team

We come from all backgrounds and walks of life, but there are huge things that unite us. We love our natural world and marvel at its mysteries. We don’t like corporate bullies who pretend they know best and who don’t care about the Westernport environment or its communities.

We say the only way to fight cashed up bullies is with numbers – it’s our bay to treasure and protect, and the more of us who join together to defend it, the better. In the last 5 years alone, over half a billion dollars has been wasted on attempts by government and industry to bring unwanted, unnecessary projects to the bay.

We say enough! We’re fighting to ensure that the natural processes of the bay, it’s mangroves and seagrasses remain free from further exploitation, and from the threat of industrial proposals that should never leave the drawing board.

We’ve got great friends at Save Westernport and we work closely with Environment Victoria and the Victorian National Parks Association to get the job done.

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