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Commercial Exploitation
of Westernport Bay

SaveWesternport acknowledges that the lands and waters of Westernport belong to the Bunnerong (Boon Wurrung) Peoples of the Kulin Nation.  We offer our respects to their Aboriginal Elders past and emerging, and recognise their continuing contribution to caring for Country.

We acknowledge that sovereignty was never ceded.

Latest News

Thank You for Supporting the Peninsula’s Biggest Paddle Out!

January 11, 2019

What a great day for Westernport Bay! Sunday 6th January 2019 will be long remembered as the day that local residents and visitors to the Mornington Peninsula gathered to protest peacefully against AGL's plan to build a floating gas factory in Westernport Bay. Almost 2,000 people met at Pines Beach in Shoreham to show their support for Westernport Bay and send a message to AGL as well as the Victorian Government and Federal Government that we will not stand idly by and watch the bay be degraded and exploited by big industry. The Victorian Government must act on behalf of all concerned residents of the Mornington Peninsula rather than the fossil fuels industry that has been the cause of such environmental damage in the past. Hundreds paddled out and formed a heart-shape before splashing their support for the Bay with an atmosphere that was relaxed and put a smile on everybody's faces!  Having so many people attend this inaugural event made it a truly special day for our community and Westernport Bay. We even made the Channel Nine News, Channel 7 News, Herald-Sun and a fantastic Western Port News front page! Back on the beach and live music was performed...

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Peninsula’s Biggest Paddle Out – Car Parking Map and Advice

January 5, 2019

Sunday, January 6th is the day!  Due to the incredible response to the "Peninsula's Biggest Paddle Out" this Sunday, please note that car parking will be limited around Pines Beach at Shoreham where the event will be taking place. With hundreds of people confirming their attendance on Sunday and a wedding at St. Peter's Catholic Church in Byrnes Road, Shoreham, the need for participants to car pool or organise a drop-off (and pickup later) is essential! Please refer to the car parking map below and plan your journey to Shoreham before leaving home.  Once the car park at the beach is full, car parking will be along Byrnes Road and Cliff Road with a short walk down to the beach.   Look for anybody who may be dropping people off at the beach and find out if you can grab a lift. Some people are also planning on parking at Point Leo and walking or paddling around.  Be considerate of residents, and find a place that works for you. Note: No car parking is permitted on Frankston-Flinders Road or on private property. You can read our original announcement about the event for schedule information and other useful links. Volunteers will be...

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Get On Board! Peninsula’s Biggest Paddle Out, January 6th

December 24, 2018

Save Westernport is excited to help spread the word about this joyous Summer event, and to join with community in a peaceful protest of AGL’s floating gas proposal at Crib Point.   Join us at Pines Beach in Shoreham from 2pm onward to show your support and meet members and supporters of the cause! Refer to our latest update for information about where to park on the day, and any other instructions you may need. The day will involve a group paddle out of epic proportions. Live music will provide the perfect setting to celebrate the bay and connect with awesome community. Bring a picnic, play in the sand, soak up the sun and good vibes. You can find out more in the Paddleout Instagram announcement. The day’s proceedings: 2pm start:  Keep an eye out for people in high vis to direct you to a car park. You will be directed to sign in with our friendly volunteers when you arrive.   2.45pm:  Introduction to the event and run through of the day. 3.15pm: Paddle out of epic proportions. All vessels in the water for Peninsula’s biggest demonstration of how much we love the Bay! 4.15pm: Picnic time & live music...

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EES Scoping Requirements – Want to make a Comment?

December 21, 2018

Christmas Eve was the extended deadline for public comments on the Draft Scoping Requirements for the EES. But don’t let that deter you. After all, Minister Wynne initially said he expected the EES process to begin in early 2019, UNTIL...AGL very undiplomatically managed the period for public comments to coincide with the lead up to the Holiday period, when we’re all crazy busy. Only now do many of us have the time available to read the draft report and submit our comments. Just explain this when you make your submission and remember: even though we have included an example letter below, Jack Krohn from DELWP told us that comments expressing individual’s concerns will be far more useful to them than 100 letters all saying the same thing! Please read our original article, which follows, and take the time to submit. Why Is This Urgent? Under the Environment Effects Act 1978, the general public has 15 business days (now extended) to comment on the "draft scoping requirements" of the Gas Import Jetty and Pipeline project. Any person or community group can make a written submission on any matters that they believe need to be investigated and documented in the Environment Effects...

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Recent Articles

Harry Shares His Concerns About AGL’s Project

October 24, 2018

Westernport's agribusinesses, and the contribution they make to Victoria's food production are under threat from AGL's polluting gas import facility.  Local seafood producer Harry shares his concerns about the AGL proposal at Crib Point, and the threats currently facing Westernport from the gas processing plant. Flinders aquiculturalist Harry grows mussels at Flinders in the clear waters of Westernport Bay. Aquiculture is a sustainable combination of farming and fishing, and Harry's seafood contributes to the successful food producing economy of the area. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=v1s1V7L_mUs As populations increase, so does the importance of devising innovative and sustainable ways to produce our food. As Harry says, aquaculture ticks all the boxes. There is little doubt that the future of aquaculture in Westernport is dependent on its healthy marine environment.  Its clean green setting also contributes to its success as a food producing area. In 2018, the Mornington Peninsula was awarded the title Australia's Most Outstanding Region in the renowned Delicious Produce Awards.  That kind of recognition is priceless. It relies on a region's healthy reputation, which can take decades to establish. There's no doubt that Westernport is the lesser known coast of the Mornington Peninsula, and while part of the bay has been used as...

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The Strange Case For Gas Import

October 21, 2018

One of the most confounding aspects the Crib Point gas import terminal is the very idea of gas import itself.  This is especially true considering Australia's status as a top ranking gas exporter.   The Port of Hastings media release (available here) that introduced the AGL proposal at Crib Point last year is typical of information used to explain the apparent need to import gas. It quoted the Australian Energy Market Operator AEMO report at the time, which predicted shortfalls in the domestic supply of gas: The Australian Energy Market Operator’s March 2018 Victorian Gas Planning Report highlights a potential shortfall in gas supply during peak gas demand in 2021 and a potential shortfall in total supply in 2022. Remediation work needs to start now so that, should AGL obtain the required project approvals and make the decision to proceed, Berth No.2 is available in time to meet this forecast shortfall. Because Australia has a ready supply of LNG it is among the top producers of the commodity in the world, and yet the forecast was that there would not be enough to supply our needs in the coming years unless a new source was brought on line. How did we...

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New Thinking Required

October 11, 2018

Jack, a local surfer and environmental scientist, points out old thinking and questions, "why trash a resource when it is the greatest asset we have?" Old corporate thinking exploits resources—use it up and move on—as if there is an infinite supply, when in fact the environment is finite. Once gone that’s it. Westernport is productive as a destination.  It is the foundation of the local economy and it earns an income for locals, sustainably. That is new thinking: Working with and looking after a resource. It’s obvious. There is only one earth. https://youtu.be/zVS_-tDi8O8

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