The government is considering AGL and APA's Environmental referrals right now!  If you want to help, click and see what actions you can take by reading our guide to submitting objections to the EPBC process.  We need your help!


Commercial Exploitation
of Westernport Bay

SaveWesternport acknowledges that the lands and waters of Westernport belong to the Bunnerong (Boon Wurrung) Peoples of the Kulin Nation.  We offer our respects to their Aboriginal Elders past and emerging, and recognise their continuing contribution to caring for Country.

We acknowledge that sovereignty was never ceded.

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We Need Urgent Help with the EPBC. This Article Tells you Why, and How to Help.

October 13, 2018

What Is Happening and Why Is It Urgent? Both APA and AGL have referred their projects for approval to the federal government under the Environment Protection and Biodiversity Conservation Act of 1999 (the EPBC). Based upon these referrals, and public comments and objections, the government will decide whether no further study is necessary (thereby giving the projects the go-ahead), or decide that significantly more study needs to be done before the projects can proceed. We want to help you raise any objections to one or both of these referrals by making a public submission with your objections. The referrals themselves are available on the EPBC Public Invitation Page and are designated as 2018/8297 (APA Pipeline) and 2018/8298 (AGL Regasification Installation). However, the documents are extensive and the Act itself may be difficult for most people to fully read and understand. So, time is of the essence, and we want to help as many people respond with their objections as possible. The deadline for both is October 24th, 2018! Who Can Help? You can! The EPBC is an invitation for public comment. The EPBC Act assures that the public has a voice, and the government assures us that all public comments...

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Richard Wynne and Save Westernport Talk About the EES on ABC Radio

October 10, 2018

This morning at 8:30AM, ABC Radio Gippsland host Jonathon Kendall interviewed Richard Wynne about the EES, its impacts, and how the process will proceed.    Immediately after, he spoke to a representative from Save Westernport following up about activism efforts and the importance of the Westernport Bay environment. Kendall said AGL was asked to appear but they declined.  He ends the show with their quoted statement: Since AGL has announced its preferred site at Crib Point, it has undertaken extensive public consultation, including 26 public meetings. We reconfirm our commitment to engage with the community and to follow all assessment requirements deemed necessary by the State government and regulatory bodies. Listen now...

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Full Environmental Assessment Required!

October 9, 2018

Just received from the Minister's office... more updates soon.  This is a huge win.  It's the deferral to EES we've been waiting for.  You can see the release on the Premier's site, or read our copy here... The proposed Crib Point Gas Import Facility and adjoining pipeline will undergo an Environmental Effects Statement (EES). The proposal by AGL and APA will be closely examined and subject to community submissions under the strongest environmental assessment process in the State. The project would see construction of a high-pressure gas pipeline to connect a liquid natural gas import facility constructed at Crib Point to the Victorian Transmission System, near Pakenham. The EES will investigate the potential environmental, community and cultural impacts of the project including impacts on native vegetation, wildlife, marine life and Aboriginal cultural heritage. The Government will establish a technical reference group as part of the assessment process and establish draft scoping requirements for public comment. While the EES will deliver an assessment of the project’s environmental effects, the final proposal will still need to comply with a range of regulatory approvals, including legislative requirements under the Environment Protection Act 1970, Pipeline Act 2005 and Aboriginal Heritage Act 2006. Quotes attributable to Minister for Planning...

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Drilling Spotted at Warringine

October 6, 2018

A drilling rig began work today in Warringine Park, Hastings, presumably in preparation for the new gas pipeline which AGL wish to build from Crib Point to Pakenham. What is surprising is that the State government has not announced any decision regarding the AGL gas import proposal, or the pipeline to Pakenham. It would appear that AGL are so confident of being granted approval for their development, that they are beginning test drilling works already! The rig from Star Drilling is next to Reid Parade, close to the bank of Warringine Creek. The pipeline company APA informed members of the public at community meetings last month that they intend to drill under Warrenquite Creek for the gas pipeline. In phonecall to AGL today, a community member was told that the drilling rig was "testing soil".  In our opinion, such activity blurs the lines, especially in the public's eyes, about what constitutes "works" and makes obvious how much confidence these companies have that environmental studies will not have any effect on their plans. Jay Gleeson from AGL informed us advice he received from APA on Warringine Park which is likely the context for the works we're seeing in progress now: The...

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Recent Articles

New Thinking Required

October 11, 2018

Jack, a local surfer and environmental scientist, points out old thinking and questions, "why trash a resource when it is the greatest asset we have?" Old corporate thinking exploits resources—use it up and move on—as if there is an infinite supply, when in fact the environment is finite. Once gone that’s it. Westernport is productive as a destination.  It is the foundation of the local economy and it earns an income for locals, sustainably. That is new thinking: Working with and looking after a resource. It’s obvious. There is only one earth.

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Golden Point, a refuge for the living

September 24, 2018

At Golden Point on Sunday morning, it happened to be Spring Equinox. The luminosity of the shifting Spring skies, the threading of cool and warm breezes in between momentary sprinklings of soft rain and the silence was only interrupted by the lapping of wavelets on the rocky shoreline. We were held  in a few moments of deep calm, a few moments of reprieve from the information overloaded world of angst and disarray which fill the airwaves of our lives. This is a magical place relatively unspoiled by the historic industrialisation of Westernport.  The natural raw hand of nature’s miraculous nurseries for migrating birds, and marine life thrive, providing fundamental protection and part of the food chain for all living creatures around the bay. For the health and well being of our own bodies and souls, this is a balm in our search to be reminded of original Earth.  Here she stands in her own domain of complexity and hierarchies, teaming with life, rocking layers of the living some of which we cannot even see with our eyes or hear with our ears. We were able to breathe deeply again, and hear the sound of our own heart beats resonating with...

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Environment Victoria’s CEO Slams AGL’s “Dirty Project”

September 22, 2018

Watch as Environment Victoria's CEO, Mark Wakeham, speaks out against the destructive impact of AGL's planned FSRU project at Crib Point. He talks about the obvious negative impact of the project, as well as the lack of economic justification for such a project. Thanks to Winnie O'Neil and many others for putting together this great piece featuring Mark's strong opposition to AGL's project.

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