Stop AGL’s plan to pollute your bay.

Richard Lipp
 Adam Blyth
 Matt Testoni


Westernport’s internationally recognised ecosystems are home to amazing wildlife, incredibly diverse wetlands and idyllic beaches. But, if you’re reading this you probably know just how special Westernport Bay is. This is why generations have fought to protect it and now it’s our turn.

Endangered Species

The critically endangered Eastern Curlew uses Westernport’s wetlands to feed and recover before returning on the long journey back to its breeding grounds in Siberia. With fewer than 70 in the wild, the equally endangered Orange-bellied Parrot also uses Westernport’s resources over winter before returning to summer in Tasmania. They are the world’s only migratory parrot, and this year Westernport was chosen as the perfect site to release hand-raised chicks that will increase wild populations. These are just two of many endangered species that rely on the ecology of the Bay for survival.

Recovering Wetland

Westernport’s wetlands are undergoing a long recovery from damage caused by agricultural run-off and industrial pollution in the 60’s, 70’s and 80’s. Countless plants and animals have re-established themselves and their future looks good, as long as we can stop AGL.

Stop the destruction

AGL says it’s “OK” to dump half a BILLION litres of chlorinated waste into the waters of the bay every day its gas factory operates. We say they’re insane. AGL says their factory’s constant noise and light pollution won’t be a problem for people, nocturnal wildlife, shorebirds and sea life. They’re the only ones who believe it. AGL says the 55 kilometre pipeline through sensitive habitats (and Melbourne’s food bowl) is a good idea. No, No, No!

The only thing between the Bay and this destruction is US!

Stop The Threat!

AGL are proposing to install a Floating Storage and Regasification Unit (FSRU) at Crib Point, Westernport. They have contracted APA to build a 60km pipeline from there to Pakenham. This pipeline proposal is being assessed independently. This is a concern because the cumulative impact of the damage caused by this project is being significantly lessened. Our government will be allowing AGL to impose an enormous burden on the people and environment in Westernport. It is a proposal that is totally out of the hands of the people who would be impacted most.


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