We won in more ways than one!  This week, Environment Victoria awarded Save Westernport their annual community recognition award for the work of their group and supporters.


Commercial Exploitation
of Westernport Bay

SaveWesternport acknowledges that the lands and waters of Westernport belong to the Bunnerong (Boon Wurrung) Peoples of the Kulin Nation.  We offer our respects to their Aboriginal Elders past and emerging, and recognise their continuing contribution to caring for Country.

We acknowledge that sovereignty was never ceded.

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Environment Victoria Recognises Save Westernport with Annual Award

October 31, 2018

Save Westernport were delighted to receive a Community Environment Recognition Award at Environment Victoria’s 2018 Annual General Meeting last night.   The award recognises the achievements of remarkable community groups and individuals who have led innovative and persistent grassroots campaigns to protect places they love, often with very limited resources. Some previous recipients have been Lock the Gate Victoria, Darebin Climate Action, The Sustainable Living Festival and Friends of Merri Creek. Save Westernport is particularly honoured to receive such an accolade in light of the group’s infancy and urgent formation as a result of AGL’s import gas project proposed for Crib Point being fast-tracked by the energy giant and the Victorian State Government.  It’s a testament to the dedication of the steering committee and the support of other passionate groups and individuals who are determined to ensure the protection and future health of Westernport’s unique and diverse environment and communities. The Save Westernport Story Six months ago, no-one had heard of ‘Save Westernport’.  It formed almost overnight in May this year when a group of concerned locals got together to oppose AGL’s plans for Crib Point. Many had never been involved in a community campaign before. The rapid growth of the...

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Thank You EPBC Submitters!

October 27, 2018

To everyone who wrote a Submission to EPBC Compliance, Thank you! To make sure our opposition to the AGL proposal makes the most impact, each of us should now send our Submissions to the Local Member for Flinders (Hon.) Greg Hunt, and ask him: Mr Hunt, Please find attached my submission to EPBC referrals, with my concerns about [OR "of my objections to"] the AGL Gas importation terminal at Crib Point. Could you please ask the Federal Environment Minister, Hon. Melissa Price to ensure that the AGL proposal be considered a Controlled Action under the EPBC Act and that it be subject to the most rigorous assessment possible. Thank you in anticipation, <add your name> Don't forget to attach your submission itself, then send it to: greg.hunt.mp@aph.gov.au Hon. Greg Hunt Local Member for Flinders PO Box 647 Somerville, Vic 3912 Local Offices (03) 5979 3188 (03) 5977 9082 Canberra (02) 6277 7220

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Last Days for EPBC Submissions!

October 22, 2018

You have until 5:00pm on Wednesday 24 October 2018 to email submissions against the AGL Gas Import Jetty Project and APA Crib Point to Pakenham Gas Pipeline. Submissions must be emailed to: epbc.referrals@environment.gov.au. You can also post your submission to: Referrals Gateway Environment Assessment Branch Department of the Environment GPO Box 787 Canberra, ACT 2601 It is important that you include the project reference number: The AGL Gas Import Jetty Project reference is 2018/8298. The APA Crib Point to Pakenham Gas Pipeline reference is 2018/8297. We have published a complete guide on how to make an EPBC submission that explains it as simply as we can so people can make an effort to meet the deadline, coming this Wednesday, October 24th.  There's not much time.  We've added some more information below based upon some questions people have been asking lately about submission ideas. If the EPBC Act is new to you, stands for the Environment Protection and Biodiversity Conservation Act and the government has a complete EPBC website which describe the act itself and the processes involved in enforcing and reviewing referrals. Your EPBC Act submission must address each project separately, one submission for AGL and one submission for APA....

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ACCC Changes Its Mind on a Gas Reservation Policy

October 21, 2018

In a surprise announcement on Friday the ACCC Chair Rod Simms backflipped on his previous stance and “joined the chorus for a gas reservation policy on the east coast to keep a lid on prices and save key manufacturers from closure”.  ABC News published an in-depth article about the announcement containing some great analysis as well as a video segment that is worth watching. We've received many questions asking why a gas reservation policy is a good thing.   In short, here's why: First, Australia is one of the world’s biggest gas exporters (#2 in fact). Victoria is no exception.  Only half the gas produced in Victoria’s Bass Strait is used in Victoria. The rest is exported. AGL is planning to re-import gas to Victoria, most likely Australian gas which has already been sold to Asia for a cheap price because they believe Victorians will pay higher prices than it will cost them to re-import it. Having a gas reservation policy eliminates such convoluted commercial shenanigans where our own gas is sold back to us.   Instead, having an energy policy which holds gas in reserve for domestic use keeps our own gas here, for our own use, and keeps prices lower naturally. ...

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Recent Articles

Harry Shares His Concerns About AGL’s Project

October 24, 2018

Westernport's agribusinesses, and the contribution they make to Victoria's food production are under threat from AGL's polluting gas import facility.  Local seafood producer Harry shares his concerns about the AGL proposal at Crib Point, and the threats currently facing Westernport from the gas processing plant. Flinders aquiculturalist Harry grows mussels at Flinders in the clear waters of Westernport Bay. Aquiculture is a sustainable combination of farming and fishing, and Harry's seafood contributes to the successful food producing economy of the area. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=v1s1V7L_mUs As populations increase, so does the importance of devising innovative and sustainable ways to produce our food. As Harry says, aquaculture ticks all the boxes. There is little doubt that the future of aquaculture in Westernport is dependent on its healthy marine environment.  Its clean green setting also contributes to its success as a food producing area. In 2018, the Mornington Peninsula was awarded the title Australia's Most Outstanding Region in the renowned Delicious Produce Awards.  That kind of recognition is priceless. It relies on a region's healthy reputation, which can take decades to establish. There's no doubt that Westernport is the lesser known coast of the Mornington Peninsula, and while part of the bay has been used as...

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The Strange Case For Gas Import

October 21, 2018

One of the most confounding aspects the Crib Point gas import terminal is the very idea of gas import itself.  This is especially true considering Australia's status as a top ranking gas exporter.   The Port of Hastings media release (available here) that introduced the AGL proposal at Crib Point last year is typical of information used to explain the apparent need to import gas. It quoted the Australian Energy Market Operator AEMO report at the time, which predicted shortfalls in the domestic supply of gas: The Australian Energy Market Operator’s March 2018 Victorian Gas Planning Report highlights a potential shortfall in gas supply during peak gas demand in 2021 and a potential shortfall in total supply in 2022. Remediation work needs to start now so that, should AGL obtain the required project approvals and make the decision to proceed, Berth No.2 is available in time to meet this forecast shortfall. Because Australia has a ready supply of LNG it is among the top producers of the commodity in the world, and yet the forecast was that there would not be enough to supply our needs in the coming years unless a new source was brought on line. How did we...

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New Thinking Required

October 11, 2018

Jack, a local surfer and environmental scientist, points out old thinking and questions, "why trash a resource when it is the greatest asset we have?" Old corporate thinking exploits resources—use it up and move on—as if there is an infinite supply, when in fact the environment is finite. Once gone that’s it. Westernport is productive as a destination.  It is the foundation of the local economy and it earns an income for locals, sustainably. That is new thinking: Working with and looking after a resource. It’s obvious. There is only one earth. https://youtu.be/zVS_-tDi8O8

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If you want to get involved, find out what you can do.  We maintain an "Action" page dedicated to giving you up-to-date information about what you can do, and how.