The work of 54 acclaimed contemporary artists comes together in this exciting exhibition to increase awareness of the campaign to stop AGL’s proposed gas import terminal from being approved at Crib Point, and to raise urgently needed funds for Save Westernport Inc to mount a legal challenge in partnership with Environment Victoria and the Victorian National Parks Association.

Further Information and full exhibition will be online at Silver Leaf Artbox.

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Latest News

The Inquiry and Advisory Committee Hearings updates

October 13, 2020

EES Hearing into AGL’s Gas Import proposal in Westernport Bay. The Hearings on the AGL EES are now in their second month. The proponent AGL has given their evidence, and on Monday Nov 9 we began hearing from parties that oppose AGL’s plans in Westernport. To watch the Hearings live — Zoom details for the hearings: Meeting ID: 810 4993 0543 Passcode: 771844  link > OR click on ‘Crib Point IAC’ then register here Recordings of each day’s proceedings can be viewed here  To see when a particular subject will be heard, eg Marine Impacts, Safety etc visit the updated timetable here. Email the IAC Panel via Georgia Thomas at   October 12th, Summary of Day One of Hearing Dr Chris Atmore for Save Westernport This was the first day of the EES Hearing. We heard that the Inquiry and Advisory Committee (the IAC) will visit Crib Point and...

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AGL’s Annual General Meeting October 7

October 5, 2020

    Did you know the AGL corporation is holding their Annual General Meeting, on October 7 2020 ? Over the past few years, members and supporters of Save Westernport have attended the AGM to protest against  AGL and ask how the Board can allow AGL to embark on a new fossil fuels project in the face of the climate emergency and unmistakable community backlash. The extent of community opposition confirms that the Crib Point proposal is at odds with every guiding policy that the AGL corporation claims to prioritise. We can draw media attention to this disparity by asking confronting questions about this of the AGL Board in the presence of their shareholders. The AGM is as an important opportunity to raise these concerns with shareholders and board members, to question their commitment to ‘Social License’ and emphasise the absence of community approval for the Crib Point proposal. AGL’s hypocrisy...

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‘Environmental democracy and mental health in the time of coronavirus’ an article by Chris Atmore

October 2, 2020

(photo by Stacey Chillcott) ‘A browser is what you use to get onto a website on the Internet,’ I say to Peter. He’s having difficulty trying to use Zoom, which was downloaded for him so that he can access the test session for the forthcoming environmental impact assessment hearings. A desktop computer might make things easier but that belongs to his son and his employer won’t allow Zoom to be used on it, so it’s a new iPad for Peter, which he is also trying to work out. It’s not helped by the fact that Peter’s not feeling sharp because he’s in the midst of chemotherapy treatment'.... read on

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Next Steps...

If you want to get involved, find out what you can do.  We maintain an "Action" page dedicated to giving you up-to-date information about what you can do, and how.