Mornington Peninsula Shire Council is currently seeking feedback on their Biodiversity Conservation Plan. The public has until Feb 20 to comment on the plan, and Save Westernport encourages you to let Council know how completely incompatible the AGL proposal at Crib Point is with the Biodiversity and health of the region.
This also applies to other worrying plans like the Kawasaki plan to use Westernport Bay to transport Hydrogen to Japan. In this project, the fuel, which is being presented as a “Clean Green”alternative would be made exclusively for the Japanese market by BURNING BROWN COAL, in Victoria. Brown Coal is by far the dirtiest of ALL fossil fuels.
The Japanese tankers transporting the fuel could also introduce marine pests like Northern Pacific Sea Star, which has decimated fish stocks in Port Phillip Bay since it was intoduced by Japanese Woodchip carriers in the 1980s and 90s.
If we want to PROTECT BIODIVERSITY in Westernport, these ill-advised and exploitative plans MUST BE STOPPED.
Please take this great opportunity to let our Council know!