A State election is less than two months away.

Now that the AGL-APA proposal is on Minister Wynne’s desk, we must involve the media to put pressure on him and get our message out.
People need to know what’s happening: THAT WE REJECT THIS PROPOSAL 
Please keep contacting the media 
3AW phone number: 96900693
ABC Radio 774 for John Faine Mornings Or Raphael Epstein 3pm 
talkback: 1300222774  or text: 0437774774
Paul Murray: pmurray@skynews.com.au  
The Age: 03 8667 2000
Story suggestion newsdesk@theage.com.au
Letters to The Age letters@theage.com.au
The Project Channel TEN Future Stories: stories@theprojecttv.com.au
Photos/new stories: yoursay@theprojecttv.com.au
Report Wildlife/environmental Crime:
Report environmental damage EPA: