On Dec 1 Save Westernport, Environment Victoria and dozens of concerned residents met at the Somers Hall to promote our latest action against AGL at the dynamic launch of our Summer campaign.
Thanks to everyone who attended the event and made it great.

As Save Westernport ends its second year of focused opposition to AGL’s ill-advised plan, we continue to urge AGL to drop their hair-brained scheme to re-import our own gas into Australia and process it at Crib Point.
Hundreds of people have signed our Pledge to Boycott AGL if they continue with these plans. We’ve also been listing all the reasons for opposing the project on our giant Message cards. You might have seen people posting their message cards on Social Media.

You can sign the Pledge here.
If you want some Pledge forms, NO AGL stickers or Message cards so you can post the reasons you oppose AGL, please drop us a line here .

AGL claims the gas will be needed, and as far as we know they are persisting with the commissioning of ‘expert reports’ to coerce government decision-makers, convincing them that the floating gas processing plant, jetty reconstruction, onshore treatment facility and gas pipeline that would require the clearing of hundreds of hectares of native vegetation and the removal of endangered wildlife, “will not harm the local environment”.

Their claim that gas is a ‘valuable transition fuel’ fails to account for the 30% increase in carbon emissions produced when gas is frozen and shipped around the world and back.  If the mismanagement of Australia’s energy resources has caused far too much gas being sold offshore, then AGL should take this opportunity to support their customers through the inevitable transition from fossil fuels.
We know that households can operate more efficiently on electricity, freeing up the available gas for industry.
The case for gas imports is based only on motives for profit, but even AGL’s own shareholders are demanding an end to the hypocrisy. To maintain credibility, AGL will need to follow up their green promises with meaningful investment in renewable energy.

By persisting with this deeply unpopular plan AGL continues to place itself in a position of serious conflict with community needs and expectations. It is a sad irony that after fleeing the Gippsland fires this week, Australia’s first Climate Refugees arrived in Westernport, which is under threat from AGL’s fossil fuels dependent proposal. It is widely accepted that corporations like AGL that have resisted the call for responsible action on Climate have a lot to answer for in the current circumstances.
How desperate does our current predicament need to become before we see some sensible leadership from government decision makers and meaningful action from corporate interests to remedy it? you can read an update about Save Westernport’s campaign on page 31 of the Dec 2019 issue of local newsmag The Balnarring Bridge.

Page 21 also On Sunday October 27, Energy Justice Victoria visited Balnarring as a third stop in their Fossil Frontlines Community Tour.
Save Westernport and Westernport and Peninsula Protection Council Inc. co-hosted the event,