Charlotte’s love for the environment is an inspiration to us all. Read her speech at our rally…

“Hello. My name is Charlotte. I am twelve years old and I live in Crib Point.
I believe that the Western Port Bay is Mother Nature’s way of saying ‘thank you’.

On my beaches I find: cuttlefish, Neptune’s necklace, sea grasses, soldier crabs, different coloured seaweed, flatworms, sea urchins, ghost shrimp, sea stars, fish, stingrays and heaps of shells, all living in and amongst volcanic rock. There is also a very special place called Golden Point. Geologists have dated it to being over 400 million years old. At Golden Point you can find amazing old rocks. They are all unique in shapes, sizes and vibrant colours.

I visit my beaches every day. Every day the seascape differs. I see different shells, different marine animals or different coloured seaweed. But one thing always stays the same. They are untouched, and they need to stay that way. I love my beaches!

Once again I believe that the Westernport bay is Mother Nature’s way of saying thank you.
AGL will take this all away! They will ruin our coastline and harm our marine life. The Western Port Bay needs to stay the way it is. So say NO to AGL!”