Western Port Bay – Liz Walker

I find Western Port Bay simply magical. Gazing out at the water, marvelling at its changing colours and watching the waves and eddies is such a joy but it’s the shoreline that brings me back time and time again.

I’m an artist and much of my work reflects the natural beauty surrounding us. I’m particularly interested in the small things that so often go unnoticed – shell and crustacean fragments and shards, scraps of seaweed and various other marine life- things that get washed up daily onto the sand.

To me the hightide line is absolutely beautiful – beached weed and shells, seagrass and holdfasts all tangle and weave together to form an ephemeral beach installation that is different each day and varies greatly during the year.

Watching the birds, collecting fishing line tangled in seaweed, sketching and thinking about the importance pf preserving this unique bay all inspire my work and my way of life.
Western Port Bay is the place I take my grandchildren to when they come to visit and it’s also the place I like to sit quietly and chat to my mother who died 2 years ago.