A Crib Point resident passed on disturbing news yesterday.  On Saturday evening, September 22nd, one or more vandals broke through the gates at the Crib Point jetty.  Not only did they do damage to property, but they appeared to have put the “No AGL” message on outbuildings, fences and equipment.

We want to make it clear where we stand: We condemn any such acts of vandalism or violence.

It is especially upsetting to us because our simple “No AGL” slogan has been co-opted by many people and groups who have adopted it without contributing to or communicating with our organisation.  Yes, it is a simple slogan. We don’t own it, and for the most part people use it in peaceful protest.  But we want to be certain that it is well understood that our mission is to use peaceful activism, education, and information to battle threats to our environment, not vandalism or violence.

Only by being persistent, determined, and working within the boundaries of the law can people achieve their goals.

If you know of anybody who is crossing that line, let them know how you (and we) feel.