A drilling rig began work today in Warringine Park, Hastings, presumably in preparation for the new gas pipeline which AGL wish to build from Crib Point to Pakenham.

What is surprising is that the State government has not announced any decision regarding the AGL gas import proposal, or the pipeline to Pakenham. It would appear that AGL are so confident of being granted approval for their development, that they are beginning test drilling works already!

The rig from Star Drilling is next to Reid Parade, close to the bank of Warringine Creek. The pipeline company APA informed members of the public at community meetings last month that they intend to drill under Warrenquite Creek for the gas pipeline. In phonecall to AGL today, a community member was told that the drilling rig was “testing soil”. 

In our opinion, such activity blurs the lines, especially in the public’s eyes, about what constitutes “works” and makes obvious how much confidence these companies have that environmental studies will not have any effect on their plans. Jay Gleeson from AGL informed us advice he received from APA on Warringine Park which is likely the context for the works we’re seeing in progress now:

The length of the pipeline within the boundaries of Warringine Park is approximately 2.1km, of which approximately 750m is proposed to be directionally drilled. Through the reserve, the pipeline is to be co-located with the existing linear assets owned by Australian Gas Networks, Elgas, Viva Energy and United Petroleum.  The area of the construction works within the reserve is proposed to be around 4.1ha. The majority of this is within the existing corridor for the current pipelines and this area also includes the use of existing access tracks within the park. APA is liaising with the relevant asset owners and Mornington Peninsula Shire Council as to how best refine the work areas to minimise impacts and reinstate disturbed areas.

Photos At Warringine