We were extremely pleased that the Mornington Peninsula Shire Council has put their support behind our efforts to question the Crib Point gas import terminal’s viability and impact on the environment.

During the September 11th meeting, the council heard the motion moved by Cr. Gill and seconded by Cr. Roper, resulting in the following offical recommendation, as entered in the Shire’s records and provided to us for public distribution:


That Mornington Peninsula Shire Council (MPSC) shares community concerns regarding the proposed importation of gas at Crib Point and calls for a State Government run, transparent consultation process that includes examining environmental effects and problems associated with the proposed 60 kilometre pipeline through agricultural land. MPSC supports a carbon neutral, renewable and clean energy supply.

The Save Westernport group believes that this sentiment reflects and reinforces the majority of voices we’ve heard, both publicly and in private meetings, throughout the Peninsula area.  We have gotten so much positive feedback that our efforts have helped raise awareness in our local communities and it is good to hear the council reaffirm their support.