New Community Drop-In Sessions have just been announced for next week!  You can view the notice by clicking here.

Local residents will be able to ask questions of AGL, APA and the Department of Environment, Land, Water and Planning (DELWP) at Cardinia and Hastings:

Put these on your calendar:

Monday 10 December, 7:30 – 9:00pm
Venue:  Cardinia Hall, 2401 Ballarto Road, Cardinia

Tuesday 11 December, 7:30 – 9:00pm
Venue: Hastings Hall, 3 High Street Hastings

The three community drop-in sessions have been organised to inform our community about the Environment Effects Statement (EES) process, Draft Scoping Requirements, proposed studies and further updates on the AGL and APA project.

Local residents are encouraged to attend these Drop-In Sessions to learn more about the AGL Gas Import Jetty and Pipeline Project and ask questions of the experts in attendance at Cardinia and Hastings.

Public comments on the Draft Scoping Requirements are now open until 5:00pm on Wednesday 19 December.

Send an email to DELWP to voice your concerns in writing: 

You can find the 29 page “Draft Scoping Requirements” document on the Victoria Environment, Land, Water and Planning site. You can download a copy of the PDF to read the proposed scoping requirements to make sure you can respond as best as possible.

We’ve been wondering… “Why have these DELWP meetings been organised at such short notice?”.  It gives the community very little time to formulate a response, and it’s surprised us that so little consideration has been given for public response.

In our communications with government and industrial bodies, we’ll be insisting that any future community meetings from AGL, APA or DELWP must allow a reasonable timeframe for advertising in our local newspapers and on-line.  So should you.

Local residents need to be properly informed about this important gas project on Westernport Bay, and given enough time to give due consideration.  In the mean time, we have no choice but to try our best—all of us—to respond as quickly and thoroughly as we can.