To everyone who wrote a Submission to EPBC Compliance, Thank you!

To make sure our opposition to the AGL proposal makes the most impact, each of us should now send our Submissions to the Local Member for Flinders (Hon.) Greg Hunt, and ask him:

Mr Hunt, Please find attached my submission to EPBC referrals, with my concerns about [OR “of my objections to”] the AGL Gas importation terminal at Crib Point. Could you please ask the Federal Environment Minister, Hon. Melissa Price to ensure that the AGL proposal be considered a Controlled Action under the EPBC Act and that it be subject to the most rigorous assessment possible.
Thank you in anticipation, <add your name>

Don’t forget to attach your submission itself, then send it to:
Hon. Greg Hunt Local Member for Flinders
PO Box 647 Somerville, Vic 3912
Local Offices (03) 5979 3188 (03) 5977 9082
Canberra (02) 6277 7220